UCL Match Day At Liffeys

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The big boy games are back at The Liff!

Away we go with another Champions League Match Day here at Liffeys.

We have some really heavy handed matches between sides, leagues and nations that have big implications across the decks. With battles between top class teams on deck, and only a few groups even close to fully decided, the action will be amazing.

Best Matches & Why:

Athletico Madrid V. Olympiacos - The Greeks won 3-2 the first time, but find themselves now in fear of not advancing with Juve tied with them in the group on points, and Juve facing a weaker Malmo side today.

Ludogorets V. Liverpool - Ludo, the east Europe minnows in the UCL have gained confidence steadily. They are not much of a highlight reel, but they play shut down, bruising defense. LFC, the formerly mighty English side, find their season in crisis, with awful injuries to their scoring threats coming at a very bad time, and a back 4 that can’t stop allowing nets. Loser of this match is basically gone from the UCL, as Real & Basel have more points.

BVB V. Arsenal - This should be awesome. Arsenal with Alexis Sanchez looks dangerous, and now that Giroud seems to be finding his form, the Londonites could do real damage. BVB is suffering from ill timed injuries and bad luck this year, but lead the group with 12 points and some very solid offensive shows and up 12 goals in the +/- tally. Arsenal sits in 2nd place with 7 points, and a win today would cement them on to advancement with BVB also.

Bayer vs. Monaco - Group C is rather tight here. With the bottom 2 (Zenit & Benfica) sitting at 4 points each, and Monaco at a risky 5 points in the 2 spot, Bayer is tops at 9 points but has not sealed the deal. This group is still up for grabs, and a spirited push to win by the French side AS Monaco could see fortunes shifted, and momentum, with one of the bottom 2 getting a full 3 points. Exciting times in Group C here, and no one team is clearly much better than the other. KO stages await all, and today is a massive decider of that.