The HookUp Single Valentines X Kelly Temale Band #NHV



8 years ago, Liffey’s started a Valentines Tradition. The last few years, we’ve taken it off. Well, it’s back. Why? Because Valentine’s Day sucks the whole way down when you’re single.

The holiday has been created by card companies, chocolatiers, condom brands, sensual oils manufacturers and other assorted perverts and trendy cash grabbers to hit you where the heart is. Culturally, the fine dining establishments that one would have to save up to actually order more than the risotto side have been cashing in since the days of JFK. Now everyone has caught up, and is full steam ahead on the agenda. The agenda, mind you, that is geared directly at couples. Until very recently.

Singles loathe the holiday traditionally. They may even start dating that drunk fool from the Super Bowl party a few weeks before just to not feel like a dunce for a day. Single folk, we at Liffey’s feel your pain, and we always have. We look forward to it now here, on your behalf.

Because, The HookUp.

Here’s how it works.

  1. You enter your single arse thru our fine doors.
  2. You pay no cover, because we are a pub for adults, not a nightclub for babies in neon headbands.
  3. You get a name tag- randomly picked by door man/staff. It says a name of a well known person.
  4. You get drunk and find your other half IE: You= Minnie // Look for who ever has “Mickey”
  5. You can swap if you want with a fellow drunk and keep it going.

The band is killer. It’s The Kelly Tamale Band from CT. Think a hotter, more modern Cyndi Lauper meets New Wave meets 90′s rock and party. Enjoy Valentines Day CT. Well, single CT. If you’re a part of a couple, it’s gunna suck. We’re hating on you worse than Kanye right now.

KT Band 80s