Our Story

The Anna Liffey's story starts well before it's founding and beginning in New Haven's Arts District in 1997. It began, truly, in Ireland decades earlier.

Founder Patrick Mansfield has Pub blood running through his veins. His father had an Irish Public House in Waterford County attached to their house. He began by cleaning tables at the age of 6, and eventually worked in the business in London. After emigrating to this country about 20 plus years ago, he opened a pub in New York City he named Anna Liffey's (named after the Liffey River in Dublin), then a second Anna Liffey's in New Haven.

Mansfield fell in love with the charm of the Elm City, the unique contradiction created by the towering gothic architecture of Yale University, and the modern high rises of a historic city on the rise. New Haven, New England's 6th largest metro, was right between Boston and Manhattan, and did not have a traditional Irish public house.

Mansfield sold off the NYC pub and focused solely on growing a culture based in the tradition that was ingrained in him from home. He dedicated all his time to quality and authenticity, and giving a true experience over just "turning profit".

For 17 long years in New Haven, The Liffey has stood at 17 Whitney, unchanged by the times as a great many establishments have come and gone. The Pub has become the city's "Cheers", and the scene has grown. First dates in the Pub have gone on to be married, students from Yale have graduated to become doctors at Yale, & thousands of fans every 4 summers have called The Liff home to watch 5 different nations win the World Cup.

Mansfield decided 3 years ago to start working on his dream project- a modern American super pub that was steeped in the authentic traditions that made Pub's uniquely amazing on both sides of the pond. He discovered the ideal place in historic down town Fairfield CT- a beautiful coastal suburb of NYC.

After many road blocks and hurdles, the dream came to life in the form of a 3 room, 2 bar, 20 + flat screen & 1 massive movie screen super pub. The decor, all imported from Ireland, is authentic as can be, down to the old wood. The tables are custom made, and the food is award winning and exemplary. Executive Chef Christian Morgan has created a menu that embodies what's great about Irish fare, and mixed it beautifully with very modern, farm to table American fusion.

We look forward to meeting, serving, and befriending you all. Slante'.

Cheers, The Liffey.