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    1. Who was the band playing in the alley behind the bar at about 5PM on Friday August 16th? I don’t see anything on your calendar. They were nailing Mississippi Queen when I walked by.

    2. That was Gravyhound, they’ll be back soon, stay tuned!

    3. We will be coming up for our daughters parent weekend on October 26th & 27th and was hoping that it would be Beatles Brunch do you have it scheduled yet? We just happened to stumble upon it last year and really enjoyed it!!!

    4. Hey Sharon, glad you enjoyed the past Beatles Brunch! Right now we’re scheduled for August 25th, and will be scheduling the next few very soon, stay tuned! You can follow us on twitter (@annaliffeys) Facebook ( and get on our mailing list on the right side of!

    5. It would be helpful if you listed the sunday Session,time and also cancellations.

    6. Thanks Eleanor for the great suggestion! It will be done shortly :)

    7. I heard that the Dirty Nil are playing on Feb 21. Is there a way I could find out at what time?

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