MLB Playoffs Watch Party Schedule

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It’s finally October baby!

The Fall Classic is around the corner. Firstly, however, the road to the Classic must be walked. The bracket’s are stacked on both the NL and AL sides, with all major North American markets well represented. NY sends both the Yanks and Mets to the playoffs, LA, Chicago, Toronto, St. Louis are all in. Texas sends both it’s teams to the post-season for the first time in ages, and overachieving Kansas City and Pittsburg round out the short VIP list of postseason invites.

Here’s the schedule so far as we know it.

10/6: Astros @ Yankees 8 PM

10/7: Cubs @ Pirates 8 PM


AL DIV. SERIES  (Best of 5)

10/8: Astros / Yankees Winner Vs. KC Royals  8 PM

10/8 Rangers Vs. Blue Jays  4 PM


NL DIV. SERIES  (Best of 5)

10/9: Cubs / Pirates Winner Vs. Cardinals 6:45 PM

10/9: Mets Vs. Dodgers 9:30 PM