Meet Fairfield Chef Christian Morgan’s Plates

Ever since owner Patrick Mansfield met culinary wiz kid Christian Morgan, he knew he was the man for the job.
Executive Chef Morgan, a native of Southern CT. has been cooking, and more so, creating his whole life. He took over Liffey’s Fairfield and immediately had a massive impact. He worked hard to create a menu that was steeped in Irish tradition, but also had legs to grow in the future. He focused on modern American food trends as well as cultural trends.
Farm to table, local, fresh, and fusion were all cornerstones in which to build the future menu on. With that he created the “Autumn Menu”- with wildly popular seasonal dishes like Pumpkin Gnocchi, and Seared Whiskey Atlantic Salmon.
We invite you in to Fairfield Liffey’s to try Morgan’s dishes that have already, in just a few short months, received resounding applause in Fairfield County.