Beatles Brunch Sunday. #NHV

It’s been called “A New Haven Classic” for years. When well known CT native singer/songwriter Tim Palmieri and Anna Liffey’s hooked up years ago, magic was made. The creation of that alchemy bore much fruit, from packed live shows, to acoustic and full band sessions that just took off and went into the wee small hours and never seemed to look back, to this, which happens one Sunday every so often in the cavernous basement of New Haven’s Liffey.

At first there was a few different names and ideas as to how the whole ordeal would go- or would be named. None more perfect that what was settled on over a pint- Beatles Brunch.


The Beatles are, quite beyond arguably, the best band that ever lived. The 4 lads from Liverpool (there’s that city again in relation to Liffeys.) had a career that only maybe 3 artists have ever touched- 2 being Sinatra and Michael Jackson. That being said, they influenced everyone who picked up an instrument or a pen after their rise in the 60s. Palmieri was no different.

Although he is known primarily for his talents as an original act, and he has gigged extensively everywhere with huge rock and jam acts, the Beatles are still a cornerstone. Maybe even more. He plays the favorites and the obscures for the superfans that know every note of the stuff that was never even released.

We invite you to hear this amazing concert over huge plates of Irish, English & Americana Brunch. It happens this Sunday at 1:30.